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Meredith sent these photos of her labs.

Halloween 2010

Christmas 2010

Here are a couple more pictures of Calla, she will be two in April.
She is such a wonderful dog, great personality.



Just wanted to give you an update on Mya. She is doing absolutely wonderful. She loves her life and her Boston Terrier brother...they play constantly and she knows just how rough she can be, she is so smart. He is quite a small dog and she plays so gently with him it is really funny to watch. She is a retrieving machine...this dog LOVES the water I cannot hardly keep her dry. She has grown into the most beautiful dark chocolate I have ever seen...I have had so many compliments on her already and she is only 7 months old tomorrow! We are so very happy to have her in our family, she has been a wonderful addition and going to be a mighty fine retriever hunting dog. We are going on our first duck outing on Sunday....she loads into the pickup and goes right into her truck kennel cuz she knows we're headed to the field....it is unbelievable to see in a pup so young. I cannot thank you enough for bringing her into our lives...she brings joy and smiles on even the darkest of gloomy days. I will send updated pictures from this years hunts and fun times in a week or two. ANYTIME u need a reference u can call or have potential clients email me and I'll be glad to help. Thanks again...tell your family hello from ours.

Ryan, Kelli, Mya and Muggs.


One of Lady's girls 11-2010

Hello there....
Mayzee Mae is 4 months old and she is 30 pds. Just finished her shots for puppy stage..Kinda sad but cant wait for the all of the stages..She is such a love.
Growing out of collars all the time, but what an adventure we have. She is at my hip all the time and she is a great car traveler:)
No matter what she puts a smile on my face everyday..
Thanks again,


Hi Beth,

I just wanted to forward you this picture of Charlie (now 7 months old). Overall he has been a wonderful dog. The kids love him and except when he gets rowdy or chews their toys. Gavin and Charlie are going to be buddies, it's nice that Charlie is gentle with Gavin, even when Gavin is being naughty to him.

He is getting good with his training, listens to Dale much better then
me, but he's a very smart dog.

I'll try to send some better pictures sometime, I've been meaning to get pictures to you much earlier but time is crazy!

Thanks for a great addition to our family!


Abby has found her home at 3 months old. Thomas feels that she is a perfect fit to their family, with grandchildren and an older lab as her playmate. We are so proud of Abby and her accomplishments here she has been a doll!

I have worked with her on house and crate training. And was really amazed at how gentle she was around our smaller puppies recently. She is a very special dog! We look forward to updates on Abby from Thomas and his family in Ohio.

Thomas write to say this about Abby, We got Abby a week ago. She was an "older puppy" but when she arrived we knew she was very special. She is very loving and gentle and already knew to go outside to do her businss. She also is walking on the leash and learning to sit. Older puppies are great because they are already learning and there's more of them to love on.

Abby with the grandkids. She is doing very well. Family loves her.

Callie Rose will be 1 year old on January 18th!

Lee says that Callie weights 110 lbs "GREAT DOG WITH A GREAT PERSONALITY" We luv her. Callie reminds me so much of her mother Pepper. And of course has Duke's size!

Beatrice was donated to the Train Rite organization when she was 8 weeks old.

The Train Rite Organization adopts puppies and places them in foster homes until they are at least one year old. During this time they are observed and evaluated as to their ability to learn. Bo was one our puppies from Boots and Sam born in December 05. We will be anxious to hear how she works out for them.

Bo is doing well and having a good time growing and maturing. states Melanie from Train Rite sending me some updated photo's of her. Looks as though she is getting socialized with her new best friend.

Nicole and Jason write and send photos of Tacoma, They purchased her in May of 05'

Tacoma is doing very well and growing like a weed. She was suppose to be a surprise, but I decided to take my fiancee with me to pick her up. I'm glad I did because after your husband got the puppies out, she ran right to Jason and sat at his feet. That hasn't changed much. They were definately meant for each other. She loves being around people, especially my nephews. They call her 'Tornado' because she gets into everything. She loves life on the farm. We can't get into the swather without her jumping in to go with us. Water is her best friend. There is no way to keep her out of water. Her favorite place is with the horses in the water trough, or when it rains because there is always a water puddle to go jump in. On cool mornings, she is crazy. She gets so hyper running through the wet grass. Jason is starting to work with her. She's going to be his hunting buddy and she's learning remakably fast.

Gracie has traveled to Colorado to live with Kim and Steve
Gracie is doing great. She is very smart all we have done is worked with her at home and she is already sitting, staying, and retrieving a toy duck with scent on it when we hide it in the house. She loves her ball !!! She is a small lab but is verrrry fast. She also will stare at me in the evening when she wants me to sit down on the couch so she can come up and get her cuddle time. We would recommend your puppies to anyone. Thanks, Kim
P.S. As you can see her and buddy love each other.

We love Duke so much! He is everything we wanted and so much more. We have enrolled him in puppy class and he is really good at sitting, needs more work at the rest but he tries really hard. He is close to housebroken and loves the mountains. We went on a 6.5 mile hike the other day. He was 18 pounds when we got him and now he is 36! Incredible. We would be happy to give anyone a recommendation if you need it. See attached photos of Duke.

Thanks for such a great dog!
Patrick and Molly

Zoe's new home is in Michigan.
She is actually trained to ring the bell hanging on our sunroom door to go out it took about three times for her to get it - very smart. Her eyes are now a light green she gets a lot of compliments on her coloring.
(Interesting - Zoe's eyes were a beautiful blue when she was younger which is not unsual for puppies, but the vet stated she could possibly keep them.) Awesome Eyes!!

She loves your christmas card honest to god if we show it to her she starts wagging her tail and keeps looking at it. We love having her here she was the perfect choice we would recommend your puppies to anyone! Bob and Jennifer

Beth, Gavin is doing great. Some pics here from today. He's a wonderful dog & as you said very smart! Thanks





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