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Photos and comments from our past puppy buyers.

Hi Beth and Richard
Here is a photo of my Star, early July. He is smart and of course wild at this age. He's had a lot of compliments on how good looking he is.
sincerely Paul and Stan

Thanks for sending his photo :)

He looks like a Max and Molly pup!!


Hi Beth,
Cody and I got Remington this summer (he is Lena and Darin's boy) and we absolutely love him! Since we've gotten him we have moved to North Carolina where I am attending nurse anesthesia school. This picture is him helping me study! As you can tell his is very laid back. He has the most loving personality and is such a good dog. We can actually leave him alone in the house when we are not there. Just wanted to say thanks again! Hope you are having a beautiful fall in Kansas!

Jenna and Cody


Kirra (Belle) has been doing great. She is picking up on the commands real quick. She slept most of the way home sitting in my lap with her head on the steering wheel. I just thought I would let you know that she is doing real good at her new home. I really appreciate all the help and information you gave me.This is how she slept most of the way home.

She is doing good with sit and
down. Im starting to work on stay now. If anyone asks for tips to train their dog for hunting i would recomend Tom Dokkens retreiver training book.
It goes step by step by their age.

Labrador retrievers are the perfect companion for children and adults. Read what our most recent buyers have stated about their family pet.



Jaron writes to say that Hazel know here has Gretta has been a wonderful addition to their family. See more information here about what our past puppy buyers say.

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Hi Beth - Attached is picture of Sam. Sam is a great dog- kind, gentle, great with kids, and importantly, too, fun! He is ~2.5 years old, ~82 pounds, very light coat, hips good, no medical concerns. I do run him daily - which ranges between 3 and 8 miles. No issues with paws, etc. He can go the distance. We are very pleased with him! Thanks. Randy

Linda sends this photo of Grizzly one of our puppies in the summer of 2010. Grizzly is 5 months old here and definitely is going to be a big boy!

Grizzly before he left the SIESS RANCH

Grizzly with his big brother Milo.

I thought you might be interested to see how Grizzly has grown. He is now 5 months old and is such a delightful addition to our family. Our older dog, Milo, has been a great mentor and is very patient with his new buddy. We have a two story dog house and when Grizzly first arrived, Milo would not allow him in his space. Now, however, they usually share the same space. I think Milo has determined it can be to his advantage to have the pup snuggle with him when it gets cold.

Grizzly has been very quick to learn our expectations of him both inside the house as well as outside. Both dogs have a specific area in which they need to stay while in the house. Grizzly doesn't understand, however, why we would just sit on the couch watching TV and not sit with him in his spot and play with him and his toys. He communicates this intention by a low whine to get my attention and continues until I respond. He is so hard to resist - his dark brown eyes and beautiful face. Once I give in and get up to sit by him and Milo on the floor, he jumps up, runs to his toy basket, pulls one out and brings it to me ready to play. His behavior reminds me of our two young grandchildren - talk to me, play with me.

Hope you enjoy the pictures......

Doc and Linda

Grizzley is one of our Lady's boys.
you can see our adult labs here.

Health and Intelligence are TOP PRIORITIES in breeding our Labs along with placing them in the correct homes where they will be part of the family.

With plenty of fresh air and the wide-open spaces on the Siess Kansas farm and ranch our labrador retriever's are kept very happy.

A Lab is a family's best friend. We sincerely feel that there is no other dog we would trust to be raised with our children.

Our occupation of raising labrador retriever puppies is taken very seriously. Not only do we breed for health and temperment we take great pride in socializing with our puppies so they will become a great companion to your family.

We do the extra things that provide you with a well socialized puppy. Read how our day progresses here at the Siess Ranch

You can read more about specific training that goes into a SIESS RANCH lab and labradoodle puppy

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