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Gretta also known as Hazel from our Christmas litter in 2010

Hey Beth, here are some recent pictures of our puppy we got from you. We changed her name from Gretta to Hazel. We just really liked that name. Hazel has gone beyond our expectations of being a good dog. She behaves wonderfully and is so smart its almost scary. she has adapted very well to our home and is already showing many signs of loyalty to my wife Teryn and
I. I had a yellow lab before that meant the world to me and I never thought she could be replaced, well Hazel is 10 times the dog my old one was. I will
recommend you guys to everyone we know that is interested if getting a lab. And who knows, maybe we will get another one from you some day! Thanks so
much again. We are very very very pleased with our new addition. She is just
a great little pup.



Clarie aka CC has been a wonderful mother. We often get request for the chocoate or blacks and with Claire and Remi we get a little of both :)

Claire's puppies at almost 2 weeks old.

Proud Mother Claire taken July 2009

Mya at 4 months old

Ryan and Kelli send this photo of Mya at 4 months old. You can use Mya as a great reference for her personality. Super affectionate, extremely smart, highly trainable, and just a fireball around other people and dogs...she loves everyone, and everything for that matter. loves her swimming pool in the backyard cant keep her out of it. we are so happy to have her in our family...can't thank you guys enough for her. thanks again.


Here is Mayzee May, she is one of Lady's girls. Sarah writes in Dec 2010 Happy Holidays..Mayzee is such a wonderful dog.I can thank you enough for how much joy she has brought to my life and thrs around me. She is in private one on one training and doing soo well.


Larabe adopted Roscoe at an age of 3 months. He has been a wonderful addition to his family and the girls just love him. He is pictured here at about 9 months old. Another big Chocolate Boy!



I have been asked whether I see a difference in the puppies temperments according to their colors and No, this is all in their breeding background.

A myth is that the chocolate are more aggressive and independent. We don't see this with our puppies at all.

When we work with the chocolate labrador retriever puppies at a young age their personalities are very much like the other colors we raise, very fun loving and playful. If we have an issue where one is more aggressive or dominating towards the others they are removed from the group as to not intimidate the others. And they are worked with on an individual basis. Yes some puppies will be the alpha puppies and their is nothing wrong with this as long as it is handled in an appropriate way.

Naturally we will see a leaders and followers. This is ok as long as they all are socialized and get over the shy stages. And normally when we have a leader what will take place is that this particular puppy will be the first to get the ball and then instead of retrieving it they will run and tant the others. This is normal play when they are around other puppies. The signs we look for are how they react to the follower catching up to them.

Our occupation of raising chocolate labrador retriever puppies is taken very seriously. Not only do we breed for health and temperment we take great pride in socializing with our puppies so they will become a great companion to your family.

Occasionally we do have chocolate lab puppies for sale.

And if we don't you can always sign up on our notification list to be the first to know when we do have chocolates.

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